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What do we offer?

Our solutions support organizations in the most fundamental phases of fundraising: Acquisition, Activation, Relationship, Donor Retention and Donation Processing.

See what are the solutions and phases:

  • Donation Platform (Acquisition)
  • F2F (Acquisition/Activation)
  • Guará CRM (Relationship and Donation Processing)
  • Donor Portal (Retention)
What is a CRM?

This term refers to a set of practices, strategies and tools focused on the organization’s relationship with its donors. Both small and large organizations can use CRM to manage and analyze interactions with their donors and potential donors, anticipate their needs and desires, optimize profitability, increase donations and assertiveness of fundraising campaigns. Based on this objective, we have developed a own and specific CRM for the Third Sector in Brazil, the Guará CRM, which does all the financial processing of donations by credit card, debit in account or ticket, besides allow a closer relationship with its donors, making the donating experience rewarding and complete.

What is the donation platform?

The online donation platform Trackmob is a tool that makes online fundraising easier and more convenient. With it, you can create your online donation page, different campaigns, register data of potential donors for your newsletter, events and volunteering. Fields for text and images are customizable according to the need.

How is the implementation of the solutions?

Our tools are online and, because of this, your organization does not need to hire any kind of infrastructure than a computer with internet access. We integrate our solutions with SMS, email and with the main means of payment, like ticket, credit card and debit in account.

What are the plans and prices?

Each tool has 3 plans: START, PRO and ENTERPRISE, which differ according to the number of donation pages, donors, support and means of payment. To learn more about each of these plans, visit our price page:

How is done donations credit to my account?

The amount is credited to the bank account of the organization and the balance is available from 31 days to credit card and 3 days to ticket.

What is the credit card fee?

Credit card fees are regressive: the more your organization collects donations, the lower the fee (as per the table below).

Range of value (R$) Fee (%)
Until R$ 5,000.00 4.4%
R$ 5,001.00 until R$ 20,000.00 4.2%
R$ 20,000.00 until R$ 35,000.00 4,0%
R$ 35,001.00 until R$ 50,000.00 3.8%
R$ 50.000,01 3.5%
What is the ticket fee?

The cost is R$ 2.80 per paid ticket.

How long does it take for my organization to start using the solutions?

The implementation period is 1 to 3 weeks (depending on the solutions and also the migration of the data – when it exists). In this period, your organization counts on the performance of our team of experts in activities such as tests, integrations, validations, approvals of donations, and the configuration of your account in Guará CRM and the creation of the first page of your organization’s donation.

How is the system security?

Hosting environment

The Amazon EC2 hosts Trackmob’s production systems:

  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Service Provider.
  • ISO 27001 certification.
  • Verified and audited by independent company.
  • SAS-70 Type II and SSAE16.
  • Amazon AWS PCI Compliance Site.

Donation Processing

  • All credit card information is encrypted with complex protocols conforming to industry standards such as AES and SSL as they transit through our systems.
  • The Eventbrite website and APIs are accessible via a 256-bit SSL certificate issued by Digicert.
  • Credit card information is never stored after transaction authorization.
  • Access to encryption keys is maintained by as few Eventbrite employees as possible.

We use PSP technology that follows the PCI Compliance standard. is already in compliance with the PCI security standards. All your donor’s credit card data is encrypted and securely sent to our servers, where it will be stored in encrypted form in a secure environment according to PCI Compliance. You will only have access to masked data for consultation, such as the last numbers of the card, for example.

What are the payment methods used for donations?

Credit card

Access all means of payment with a single contract. We offer the possibility of receiving all credit cards in Brazil without bureaucracy, instead of making a contract with each operator. These cards, when paid, fall directly into the customer’s bank.

Flags: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Elo, Hipercard, Diners, Discovery, Aura and JCB. We also accept international cards that have been issued in Brazil.

Banks: Itaú, Caixa, Bradesco, BB and Santander.


You can issue recurring tickets and send by email or print to your donors.

Debit in account

Get donations directly from your donor’s account.

Can I issue bulk tickets through Guará CRM?

Yes, through Guará CRM you can issue bulk tickets. Import collection files from your bank and allow the system to reconcile. The files in the CNAB400 and CNAB240 standards are approved for conciliation.

How is credit card processing?

Receive the unique donations and also the applicants in the organization’s bank account. The balance is available from 31 days after confirmation of payment, without the need to register with the purchasers. We work with CIELO, REDE and STONE, accepting the flags, VISA, MASTER, DINERS, REDE, AMEX. Your donor also does not need to register previously. All this for a rate that decreases as your donation revenues increase.

What will the address of the donation page look like on my website?

You can choose to create a subdomain within your site (ex: or use the domain of the trackmob (ex:

Is there minimum contract time or termination penalty?

No, we do not have minimum contract time or termination penalty.

I already have a donor base by credit card. Is there a risk of losing them when I start using Guará CRM?

Provided you have the donor payment data information, we will be able to migrate so you do not lose these donors when you switch systems.

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