CRM for NGOs

Processing management of the donations and donor relationship via email and SMS.

Get more productivity!

Save time and money on donation processing and reinforce interaction with your donors when setting up relationship rules.


Guará CRM is the most complete tool on the market to manage your donations:

Credit card

Receive donations punctually or recurring by credit card without bureaucracy.



Automatically send registered and unregistered billing tickets to your donors.

Debit in account

For large donation volumes, get donations made directly from your donor’s account.



Intelligent and automated flow to process donor payment collections.

Automatic recall

Reprocessing of failed charges through credit card and debit in account.

Pendencies management

Set up solutions for payment failures and automatically notify your donors via email or SMS.

Channels and campaigns

Organize your donors into channels and campaigns and analyze the performance of your fundraising actions.

History of interactions

Avoid communication errors by recording the history of all contacts with your donors.

User management

Safely manage all information about your leads, your donors and the actions you take.

Advanced reports

Get more assertive reporting with cross-channel data, campaigns and donors.


Relationship ruler

Build email and SMS relationship rules to engage your donors and create a more efficient communication flow with them.

Custom variables

Set up variables in relationship rules and humanize communication with your donors.

Import of leads

Import new users to CRM, validate your data and include those contacts in new relationship rules.

Exporting of data

Target your donor information, export this data and use it in other tools.

Integration API

Have information autonomy and integrate it with other systems used by your organization.


Managed infrastructure

Monitored environment in real time and with daily backup of all data in your organization.


Keep sensitive data from your donors in an encrypted, secure and monitored environment.

Access control

Set different permissions for your team and avoid unwanted access to restricted data.

Our applications have PCI Compliance security certification with AES 256 BIT encryption. Therefore, the data are transacted with the same the security of banking systems.

Large operations

The largest organizations in Brazil rely on Trackmob to manage their donors and process their donations monthly.


“The Trackmob platform was paramount to the success of my organization. I would not start raise funds without having a process of customer relationship (CRM) effective within my NGO. Thus I won it in productivity, process efficiency and automation."


Eduardo Massa
Private Sector Partnerships
The UN Refugees Agency – UNHCR

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