F2F Mobile Application

The perfect solution for capturing donations from individuals in the field.

Simplified and secure
fundraising with individuals

Technology came to transform the capture with individuals on the streets or events. Insecurity of the data registration with paper and pen has given way to an incredible experience for the donor with agility, simplicity and security.

In the old days…

Your gauge wrote data from potential donors on paper.

Then organized piles of documents, without any security, to hand over to the coordinator.

The coordinator outsourced the typing of the data collected.

The data would come back in a spreadsheet, incomplete and full of misspellings.

Someone needed to correct and organize the data to insert in the system.

The spreadsheet was imported in the system, accepting only donors with the correct data.

And finally, the system tried to process the donation made by the donor... 45 days later!


Your gauge write it down the donor’s data using a mobile app. Data is automatically transferred from the application to the system, with the real-time validation of them and the first recovery is held in real time.

Just like that.

Capture even without an internet

Lack of connection does not interrupt the work of the resource picker. Data can be collected smoothly and will be synced to the system later.

Donate sign in a few clicks

The F2F Mobile Application interface is simple and intuitive, providing agility when entering data.

Synchronize offline data with CRM

When connected to the internet, the application synchronizes leads and donors with your system, completing the capture process.

Process donations instantly

Automatic synchronization with the system allows the processing of donor information in real time.

Real-time data validation

To avoid registration errors, the F2F Mobile Application checks the information instantly.

Know the performance of your recruitment team

All data relating to the work of the gauge are registered through the use of the application and will be available in your system for performance analysis.


Learn about the key features of the F2F Mobile Application.

Microsoft Dynamics

Automate the relationship with your donors by integrating the F2F Application with Microsoft Dynamics.


Integrate the Salesforce tool with our application and empower your relationship with your donors.

Integration API

Have data autonomy and incorporate it into other systems used by your organization.

Android and iOS

The app is compatible with native Android 4.1 tablets and smartphones and and iOS 8.0+ or more.


Eliminate operational errors with the instant validation of CPF, CNPJ, ZIP code and payment data.


Instant payment

Receive payments in real time. Do not miss donations for processing delays.

Gauge interface

Simple and intuitive interface, to keep focus on what really matters: converting donors.

Coordinator interface

Track your team’s performance with an overview of fundraising results.

Exporting data

Filter your donor information, export your data and use it in other tools.

Advanced reports

Make reporting more robust and effective by the crossing of data from gauges, places and donors.

Control panel

Have full control of the activities of the individual gauges and of the data collected by them.

Offline sync offline

Capture donors even without internet and synchronize data collected when reestablishing the connection.

Nuestras aplicaciones poseen certificación de seguridad PCI Compliance, con cifrado AES 256 BIT. Por eso los datos son transmitidos con la misma seguridad de los sistemas bancarios.

The use of the F2F Mobile Application by Greenpeace has brought incredible results on the F2F channel:


The results increased 93% in relation to the target.


The performance of each gauge increased by 81%.


Human errors in data collection were reduced by 99.9%.


Success in the first donation increased by 38%.

Source: Trackmob study on Greenpeace between July 2013 and July 2014.


"Automating fundraising is paramount if you intent to ensure data storage security, be more agile in collecting and validating donor's information, apart from the possibility of having the first donation carried out in the act of the capture. Working with more assertiveness for sure was the differential to accelerate the fundraising in my organization and certainly can help many others."

Márcio Bonfá Corrêa

Márcio Bonfá Corrêa
CRM Coordinator
SOS Children’s Villages Brazil

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