"The Trackmob platform was paramount to the success of my organization. I would not start raise funds without having a process of customer relationship (CRM) effective within my NGO. Thus I won it in productivity, process efficiency and automation. If I had not purchased this platform, I would have to do this manually often. It would take me a lot of time, money and energy. Have thought about having to send email, SMS, elaborate the layout of this communication, do donor targeting, create lists, produce content... with a CRM tool like Trackmob's, I can create these processes in an automated way, gaining in productivity and efficiency. So it is possible to spend my time to raise resources and not to be creating manual processes."


Eduardo Massa
Private Sector Partnerships
The UN Refugees Agency – UNHCR

"Automating fundraising is paramount if you intent to ensure data storage security, be more agile in collecting and validating donor's information, apart from the possibility of having the first donation carried out in the act of the capture. Working with more assertiveness for sure was the differential to accelerate the fundraising in my organization and certainly can help many others."

Márcio Bonfá Corrêa

Márcio Bonfá Corrêa
CRM Coordinator
SOS Children’s Villages Brazil